October 25 - 27, 2017
The Highland Dallas, Dallas, TX

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Cyber Security Lessons from 2012 Republican Natl Conference: An Interview with Michael D. Molinaro

Michael D. Molinaro, who now serves as Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer at BioReference Laboratories, was the leader and architect of the 2012 Republican National Convention cyber defense as well as the VP of its Information Technology department. As Molinaro explains in this video interview, effective planning and communications were key to the event's success.

Cyber Security Incident Management Response

The growing, global epidemic of medical record data breaches makes it imperative for healthcare organizations to shore up their cyber security incident response plans. Thomas P. DeLaine, Jr. , Chief Information Security Officer at Comprehensive Health Services knows that developing a proactive incident response is key to mitigating the impact of a breach. As DeLaine explains, the plan needs to be developed, practiced and communicated with everyone in the organization from the help desk to the board room.


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