October 25 - 27, 2017
The Highland Dallas, Dallas, TX

Attendee Testimonials

Hear what Attendees are Saying About the "Exchange Experience": 


  • "Three words that describe the Exchange would be intimate, fun and informative." - 2015 Exchange Attendee

  • "The Exchange is a great opportunity for those exchanges of ideas with other peers in a very frank fashion, but also while having that trust with one another. In this targeted format, alongside the networking opportunities, you can have honest dialog and share or challenge some of your own thought processes. It’s a great way to add value back to your organization." - 2015 Exchange Attendee

  • "Everyone in the Exchange is all here for the same reason. So there isn't a lot of fluff, and there isn't any wasted time; you get what you want because it's focused, therefore effective." - 2015 Exchange Attendee 

  • "What I've found is that there's real focus on sharing- sharing of information and sharing of experience. The presentations have been great and the networking has been equally great, and the focus on really getting those one-on-one sessions…that's an interesting and unique aspect." - 2015 Exchange Attendee

  • "It's very efficient in that before you ever get here, you are picking the people that you want to talk to. And at the same time the vendors are getting an opportunity to say that they're interested in talking to you. They really boil it down to 'what do you want to get out of this?' and it happens very efficiently." - 2015 Exchange Attendee

  • "I've met with vendors I'm ready to move forward with. I have plans in the near future to start executing, so this is an opportunity to cement a bilateral partnership; we give them revenue and they give us good service. That's the key to the Exchange- to foster a strategic relationship that works to both companies' advantage." - 2015 Exchange Attendee