The Premier Event for CIOs, CMIOs & Senior-Level Informatics Executives in the Healthcare Industry!

The CIO Healthcare Exchange differs from traditional Healthcare IT conferences by opening the floor to executive-level discussions around how hospitals and healthcare systems are implementing standardized and interoperable EHR models that are patient-centric, scalable, sustainable and reliable. Effective Health IT platforms share and aggregate patient data housed in EHRs across a broad spectrum of providers, so they can seamlessly share the most current and relevant patient data. Forward-thinking Healthcare IT leaders are no longer focusing on care solely for those in need, but are instead looking at solutions that focus on the care of an entire population in order to proactively address preventive conditions across the care continuum.

Unlike other events, the CIO Healthcare Exchange will offer top-level Health IT leaders rich opportunities to hear and discuss their challenges and successful strategies in a true, interactive peer-to-peer networking forum.

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What Distinguishes This Event?

The CIO Healthcare Exchange presents a rich opportunity for delegates to network and build partnerships with peer-level professionals, while learning new ideas and strategies that they can replicate within their own organizations to build a best-practices culture. The CIO Healthcare Exchange boasts the following distinguishing features:

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Exclusive Senior-Level attendance

Strategic Conference Sessions

Customized Itinerary

One-on-One Business Meetings

Come Prepared to Interact & Engage
Around Critical Topics:


EHR/EMR Integration & Implementation: Data & Analytics; EMR Adoption & Data Integration


Unlocking Interoperability to Drive High Quality Patient Care and Coordination (Data Standardization & Interoperability)


Measuring the Impact of Population Health Management


Patient Relationship Management


Transitioning from Fee-for-Service to Accountable Care


Meaningful Use


Tools & Strategies to Engage Your Patient Population


An Analytics-Driven Approach to Population Health Management


Data Security: Managing Risk Inside & Outside Hospital Walls


Usability & the Impact on Physicians: not User-friendly and Interfere with Frontline Physicians


“It’s a relaxed atmosphere among industry leaders trying to solve the issues we're all currently facing. When you have the opportunity to get the right people in the room at the same time, it's invaluable.”

2016 Exchange Delegate

“I would describe the Exchange as efficient, targeted and collaborative. To be able to collaborate and share ideas with peers from some of the world’s biggest companies has been pretty amazing.”

2016 Exchange Delegate

“I like the format in meeting with the vendors because they were hand-selected for me based on what my needs are. I can say that of the three people I met today, two I have plans to do follow ups with, and that's going to be a big help to me.”

2016 Exchange Delegate

“I sponsor because it is a small group, it is prequalified and the people who attend are coming because they want to engage in these conversations. So whatever I have to spend to come here, time, energy and cost, it doesn't matter; it's worth it.”

2016 Exchange Sponsor

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